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Create an acceleration in rural revitalization through financial empowerment

On the new journey towards the second centenary goal, the Bank has further strengthened the concept of serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and implemented the strategies of inclusive finance service and rural revitalization while adhering to the market road of "supporting agriculture and benefiting farmers".

In a small courtyard, Jiang Quanzhang, owner of Houao Family Farm in Dinghai District, Zhoushan, is receiving his visiting guests, beaming with smiles.

"This is the hill I contracted in 2021. At that time, I just wanted to grow vegetables and fruits. Although I had the idea of building a farm, I didn't dare to act due to insufficient funds. Later, I talked to Xiao Sun about it. Thanks to her suggestion, at the beginning of this year, I applied and got a rural revitalization loan. "At one time the hill was flat, but now there are houses and trees such as willows here. It happened that the tourist season of spring was creating good opportunities for Mr. Jiang's business. "Online operation, automatic approval and self-service withdrawal make it extremely convenient to operate. Thanks to the rural revitalization policy and Chouzhou Commercial Bank."

To revitalize the countryside, top priority must be given to industry. Therefore, revitalizing the industry is tantamount to "making blood" for the people and villages. In Zhoushan, there are many "new farmers" like Mr. Jiang. With the aid of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, biometrics and mobile Internet, Quzhou Branch of the Bank has put all villagers in the credit white-list and enabled online operation in support of the development of "agriculture + tourism", creating a "golden key" for rural revitalization.

Sun Tiefeng is the legal representative of Zhoushan Jirui Ecological Agriculture Professional Cooperative. Thanks to the financial support of the Bank, Sun's farm now teems with fruits such as pitaya, soft seeds, pomegranates, mulberry, etc. "The annual income is about 600,000 yuan. This year, I have hired more hands, which has also provided them with a job opportunity." Sun said with satisfaction that industry drives entrepreneurship, and employment promotes employment. More and more farmers are enjoying the dividends brought by "rural revitalization".

Adhering to the concept of "providing more considerate services in a down-to-earth manner", the Bank has actively implemented Zhoushan City’s spirit of building a demonstration site for giving financial support to farmers since the beginning of this year, organized service teams to work in villages and thanks to modern technology, provided door-to-door service with iPADs for elderly customers, integrating its services into the daily life of ordinary people and realizing public access to financial services within one kilometer.

The first inclusive finance service site was set up by Zhoushan Branch of the Bank in the Committee of Gaoxie Village in Baiquan Town. Despite its small size, the site provides a full range of services from self-service equipment, telephone POS, money detector, and all-weather monitoring equipment so that villagers can handle banking services such as petty cash withdrawal, mutual transfer of current and fixed deposits, balance inquiry, and transfer and remittance without leaving the village, thus solving the problem that villagers find it difficult to save money and withdraw money. "In the past, we had to go all the way to town to save money. It was super inconvenient and laborious for us elderly people to walk that far. But now, the bank is at our doorstep and we can handle all services that we need. It's really convenient". It is reported that since the service site opened on September 23, 2020, every day there have been villagers who come to handle services or make inquiries. "In the past, villagers knew little about investment and wealth management and deposit insurance. We are carrying out public welfare activities on a regular basis such as popularization of financial knowledge. On the one hand, we hope to help them develop a correct concept of investment and consumption, and on the other hand, we also remind them to take care of their money and protect their vital interests." It is important to serve as a "financial emissary" for villagers if we really want to take root here, the resident customer manager said, we should bring safe, economical and convenient modern financial payment services to thousands of households, and giving them warmth of government policies on benefiting the people. Only in this way can we make newer and greater contributions to improving the financial payment environment and the level of rural financial services.