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Chouzhou Commercial Bank: Provide financial support through a multi-pronged approach for logistics & express delivery

Goods could not be delivered due to the shutdown of logistics, the sales of e-commerce dropped sharply, business was slow, and truck drivers were stuck in traffic... Due to the "bounce-back" of the epidemic, the logistics and express delivery industry was ushering in a "chilly spring season". Aganist this background, the Bank took a multi-pronged approach to help the logistics & express delivery industry out.

I. Optimizing the approval process: In the process of granting credit to the logistics & express delivery industry, the Bank, according to the actual condition of "lack of real estate assets and sufficiency in movable assets" in the logistics industry, relaxed the link of credit guarantee, paid attention to the audit of business documents, capital flow, energy consumption and other business data of logistics enterprises, and carried out professional approval. At the same time, according to the characteristics of strong seasonality of the industry, in terms of repayment, the time limit is cancelled, providing great convenience for customers' financing.

II. Coming up with new guarantee methods: Jinhua Branch signed a cooperation agreement with Jinhua Guokong Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd. on carrying out the banking undertaking business. According to the agreement, the guarantee company shall provide guarantee for customers' financing through convenient procedures. By the end of March, 2022, a total of 21 bank-undertaking cooperative services for the logistics & express delivery industry had been issued, with a total loan volume of RMB 10.585 million. Next, the Branch plans to carry out batch cooperation for large logistics parks in the urban area in Jinyi, including Cainiao, Ali and the Bonded Zone, and provide financing services for the logistics & express delivery industry through industry cluster-based credit granting.

III. Innovative credit products and services: With the global expansion of the epidemic, logistics enterprises have made serious advance payments and increased financing needs. At the same time, the fact that most logistics enterprises are of light assets has made is difficult to grant credit. After learning of the actual needs of enterprises, the Bank innovatively launched "capacity loan products" and "supply chain financing products", and introduced the credit business of "railway bill of lading property right". Specifically, in terms of "capacity loan", the main financing of industry customers is USD loan, which is specially used to pay transportation expenses, and the repayment source is the receivables of downstream customers, and USD credit loan is provided on the basis of waybill. "Supply chain financing" mainly takes into account the factors such as the industry status and anti-risk ability of core enterprises, and grants credit to downstream customers (importers and exporters) in the form of white list provided by core enterprises. Core enterprises provide order financing to downstream customers according to the factors such as orders, waybills and customs bills, and implements the access principle of "one meeting for one household". USD credit loans are provided, mainly targeting key downstream customers of core enterprises. From January to March, 2022, the Bank issued a total of 59 capacity loans, with a total amount of USD 38.8024 million.

Case: Yiwu XX Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., as the operation platform company of "Yiwu-Xinjiang-Europe" trains, is an integrated logistics and trade-related service provider with international railway transportation as its core business that has become an important platform for Zhejiang and Yiwu to integrate into the national strategy of the "Belt and Road Initiative". With the significant increase in the number of destinations and trains, as well as the rising transportation costs, there has appeared a fund shortage, which will exert great pressure on the normal operation of the platform if things remain unchanged. Learning of the financial pressure of the enterprise, the Bank set up a special assistance group to study the financing plan, and granted a loan of USD 10.85 million in the form of mortgage + guarantee, effectively guaranteeing the normal operation of the platform.