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Historical Imprint

Birth – A market-oriented bank came into being under the context of China' reform and opening up

The development of the Bank has long kept pace with the era of reform. Like a gentle "spring breeze", China's reform and opening up has injected surging power into market economy. Under the context of planned commodity economy, Yiwu's commodity economy has started to flourish. From "having nothing" to "having everything", Yiwu has become a golden business card for China's development. Thanks to the majestic power of the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank was founded in Yiwu, a leading market in the whole country, following the development pace of the times.

Development – Committed to becoming a market-oriented bank

As a commercial bank founded in Yiwu, Zhejiang, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank pays more attention to the cultivation and development of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and self-employed merchants, seizes the professional market with its distinctive services, vigorously promote innovation and reform, acutely grasps the trend of modern finance, and constantly explores the development road as a "market-oriented bank" with its own characteristics to stand at the forefront of the times.

Firmly confident in "going global", the Bank has been blazing new trails to expand the market while keeping pace with the times and empowering the economy with its professional capability. Committed to getting closer to the market and keeping pace with market economy, the Bank has integrated the market development needs into its development plan. With every effort made, a bank in a “small” city is making a difference.

Leap – Making new breakthroughs

New economic tide and new market changes define the development direction of an all-new market-oriented bank. Based on the traditional small and micro market, Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank has expanded the scope of its distinctive market services in a three-dimensional way, from online to offline, from rural to urban, and from field to CBD. The Bank is an urban commercial bank that serves small and micro enterprises, agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and provides professional financial services with a view to activating market economy and to establish presence wherever there is market activity. Guided by the four theories, i.e., rural market characteristics, small and micro market refinement, digital market intelligence and international market systematization, we are setting sail again and embarking on a new journey.

We have been keeping pace with the progress of the times, serving the growing market formats with an open mind and trailblazing spirit. Rooted in the market, we are closer to the market and closer to businesspeople. In a word, we are committed to becoming a market-oriented bank that knows you better and serves you better.

About the Brand:

—Know you better and serve you better—

Meaning of the slogan: Rooted in the market, we are closer to the market and to you who are working hard towards a better life. Staying true to our initial mission, we are committed to becoming a market-oriented bank that knows you better and serves you better.

Development course

Ambitious and energetic


In March 1987, Chouzhou Urban Credit Cooperative was established upon approval, thanks to the majestic power of the socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics. On June 5, the same year, it formally opened for business at No.15, Nanmen Street, Yiwu.

Making a difference

In September 1991, Chouzhou Urban Credit Cooperative was awarded the title of "Jiangnan No.1 Cooperative" by Yiwu Municipal People’s Government for its balance of deposits exceeding RMB 100million. With every effort made, a bank in a small city was making a difference.

Based on the market

Upon approval of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government and Zhejiang Banking Regulatory Bureau, Chouzhou Urban Credit Cooperative was restructured into a joint stock limited company and renamed Zhejiang Chouzhou Urban Credit Cooperative Co., Ltd in December 2005, setting sail again and embarking on a new journey.

Adapting to new changes

In August 2006, Zhejiang Chouzhou Urban Credit Cooperative Co., Ltd. was successfully restructured into Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. in order to keep pace with the progress of the times.


Due to the fierce market competition, Jinhua Sub-branch, its first off-site sub-branch, opened on April 3, 2007. December 27, the same year, Lishui Branch, its first off-site branch, opened, marking the beginning of its cross-regional development.

Taking strategic steps

Guided by the "going-global" strategy, we have been committed to becoming a regional joint-stock bank based in the Yangtze River Delta. Since 2007, Hangzhou Branch, Nanjing Branch and Shanghai Branch have successively opened, and the regional layout has been strengthened step by step.

Blazing new trails to adapt to market economy

On January 18, 2009, Lishui Qingtian Sub-branch opened, marking that the "headquarters-branch-sub-branch" three-level management system had been initially established. On March 20, 2009, Nanjing Branch, its first inter-provincial branch, opened. On December 29, the same year, Ji'an Chouzhou Rural Bank, its first rural bank, opened. The Bank has integrated the market development needs into its development plan to get closer to the market and adapt to the development of market economy.

Keeping pace with the times through empowerment

In July 2014, for the first time in its history, the Bank made it to the top 500 on the list of "Top 1000 l Banks " issued by the British magazine The Banker. Currently we are making constant efforts to improve our products and services to match our role as a market-oriented bank, expand the market to keep pace with the times and empowers the economy with our professional and dedicated capability.

New services

With the approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Zhejiang Chouzhou Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. officially opened in October 2016, further enhancing the competitiveness of the "market-oriented bank" with its distinctive operation.

Cross-regional layout and full coverage

Under the goal of seeking further development by expanding the market across regions, Shaoxing Branch opened on August 19, 2019, thus achieving full coverage of 11 prefecture-level cities in Zhejiang Province and marking that the Bank was embarking on a fast lane of development.

Further serving the rural areas

Focusing on the rural revitalization strategy and implementing the philosophy of common prosperity, the Bank can be found wherever there is market activity, from online to offline, from cities to villages, and from CBD to fields. Thanks to the rural revitalization strategy, its first agricultural service site opened in 2020 in Linzhuang Village, Jianshan Town, Pan'an County, Jinhua City.

Making headway in a safe and steady manner

Market genes in blood

Relying on the small commodity market at the beginning of its establishment, the Bank started from scratch and established itself as a "booth bank" and "market-oriented bank" committed to "building a platform in the market, penetrating business into both urban and rural areas, and getting closer to customers with considerate services", filled the gap of small- and micro-financial services, achieved steady and rapid development, and became one of the four urban credit cooperatives in Zhejiang province that were approved to keep operating during the nationwide rectification of urban credit cooperatives.

Aggressive and pioneering

Baptized by restructuring, we have firmly grasped the development trend of modern finance, defined the development strategy of "building a commercial bank through the transformation of the shareholding system ", created a "private-owned" share capital structure with SMEs as shareholders and a "private-run" operation mechanism with modern bank governance structure as its framework, and further improved the flexible and efficient market-oriented operation system.

Keeping our mission in mind and serving the local economy

Through cross-regional development, we have inherited the genes of the market while adhering to the market orientation of "supporting small and macro businesses". At the same time, combining local economic characteristics and geographical advantages, we have highlighted the philosophy of "distinctive operation" and "dislocation competition". Over the past 15 years, the asset size has increased by 36 times, the deposit size by 27 times, the loan size by 30 times and the total profit by 13 times. In summary, the brand influence and value of the "market-oriented bank" have improved steadily.

A Trailblazing Layout

Establish presence through digital empowerment

Four market systems

Keeping pace with the times, the Bank has been advancing steadily and consolidating its development foundation step by step. At the same time, thanks to its forward-looking vision, the Bank has been focusing on accelerating transformation and upgrading as one of its strategic moves while taking the characteristic, refined, intelligent and systematic development road.

Characteristic rural market - drawing a development blueprint

Taking the rural inclusive financial service site as the bridgehead, the Bank has been further developing innovative products related to "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", further sinking its strategic resources, optimizing its policies and launched a variety of services to realize the goal of common prosperity and sustainable development and becoming an ideal paragon for urban commercial banks to serve rural revitalization.

Refinement of small and micro market – further focusing on small and micro economy

Adhere to its initial mission of "serving small and micro enterprises and serving the real economy" and keeping pace with the market demand, we have been digging deep into economic big data, gaining insight into the business development trend, innovating the reform path of small and micro retail mechanisms and systems, strengthening the refined management of business operation, further enhancing our capability of serving the real economy and empowering the high-quality development of the business circle economy.

Intellectualization of digital market - empowering digital economy

We have been accelerating the pace of financial science and technology innovation, vigorously promoting the transformation of service channels, establishing the new-generation mobile financial center, creating an open integrated financial service model of "outlets + cloud", developing exclusive financial products, and building an online smart bank so as to make digital financial services more intelligent, scene-based and convenient.

Systematization of international market – setting foot in transnational economy

We have been focusing on the layout of emerging formats, implementing the "grand retail" development strategy, actively serving the "Belt and Road Initiative", realizing the close integration of emerging formats with traditional trade and domestic and foreign markets through innovation and optimization of products, services and technologies, pushing international business to a new track of high-quality development, and serving domestic and international double-cycle development.

Supported by three major brands

Based on its geographical advantages, the Bank has been giving full play to the characteristics of its flexible and efficient market-oriented management system and with its accumulated experience, providing customers with perfect and complete product and service experience in a more professional, closer and more flexible way. The Bank has been confident to become a standout in the market competition.

35 years of service in the market is whipping us into shape

Over the past 35 years, we have been digging deep into our original business, developing small and micro customer groups, consolidating the foundation of development and broadening the market coverage of financial services. Along the way, the genes of the market have been deeply rooted in our blood. Over the years, we have been keeping an eye on market dynamics, innovating and developing customized products, and building a more professional financial service system.

With nearly 300 outlets set up, we are closer to customers

Committed to practicing inclusive finance, taking root in the fertile soil of Zhejiang and radiating the whole country, we have left footprints in 9 provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government) in China and set up 250 outlets and more than 4,000 financial service sites. At the same time, we have been promoting the sinking of market strategies, strengthening our operating characteristics, precisely fitting customers' needs and creating a more convenient and efficient service experience with diversified products.

With six major channel service systems, we are able to provide more flexible services

We have been improving our service quality through technology implementation, accelerating the integration and optimization of our six service channels, building an "outlet + cloud" customer-oriented financial service ecosystem, actively implementing the "online + offline" integrated financial service requirements, and providing customers with more diversified, smarter, faster and flexible financial services.